If a program terminates with a message like the following:

ld.so.1: fwbuilder: fatal: lib_some_library_name: open failed: No such file or directory 
Then you should configure the runtime linking environment 

There are 2 methodes to setup $LD_LIBRARY_PATH correctly, the recommended way and the manual way

using command “crle”

Key in as root “crle” to see, wether the environment $LD_LIBRARY_PATH is usable. if not, update the environment with:

 crle -u -l /lib:/usr/lib:/usr/local/lib:/opt/sfw/lib:/usr/sfw/lib:/usr/local/qt/lib 

Above is jsut an eaxmple. Make sure that all pathes are available you need.

Check again the result with command crle the listed directories above should be in your linking environment see also “man crle” using command crle has permanent effects, file /var/ld/ld.config is created or modified

doing manually

# change $LD_LIBRARY_PATH ( more or less ) 

you could change $HOME/.profile or /etc/profile to make this changes permanent ( not recommended )